MicroFund For Women

The Women's Fund launched “Health” program the first program of its kind to service micro insurance to assist women and small businesses with limited income when exposed to an emergency health problem as well as the entire family from the age of one month and up to 21 years. This initiative is the belief of the Women's Fund that women are source of care; help in creating homes, significantly manages the home expenses of the family and in many cases they are considered a major source of income for the family. Because of all these interventions and responsibilities in the life of the woman toward her family, they need to be prepared for any emergency. Accordingly, the Women's Fund has launched the first Middle East Insurance program that serves all beneficiaries in cases of hospitalization; it also worked significantly on the development of the program so that it serves the beneficiaries fund for women and to help everyone and their families ease the expenses incurred for hospital stay due to emergency. Insurance is applied by paying the beneficiary simple monthly fee with monthly funding boost and charge amount materially 15 JD for each night, accommodation in the hospital as a result of any medical emergency, whatever the reasons for her or any member of the family from the age of one month and up to 21 years. It is worth mentioning that the customers’ are immediately involved in the insurance when they receive funding from the women's Fund without any need for a medical examination. The Amount Exchanged according to beneficiary needs, and it is worth mentioning that the “Health” program offered to the beneficiaries of the Women's Fund comes in partnership with the Jordanian insurance company. The  Director General of Women's Fund Muna Sukhtian added "orientations in the fund women is to provide all the requirements and needs of female and small, medium entrepreneurs, and to enable them socially, economically, and provide a decent life for them," and added, " currently the insurance is considered a powerful tool in addressing the Eradication of Poverty .The "Health" program is the first insurance program in the Middle East provided by the women's Fund to beneficiaries and their families'. “Health” program is one of the initiatives that reflect the ongoing women's Fund's efforts to improve the quality of life for its beneficiaries.