CITP Levels (2&3)

CITP (Ls 2&3) is specially designed to meet the professional development demands at international schools of advanced level.

This training course will cover specific issues in an attempt to help the school supervisors to support teaching practices that will contribute to improve student learning.

The program  includes the following topics:

Level 2

Supervision for a successful school
Adult and teacher development within the context of the school
Reflection on the school's teaching and supervision
Supervisory behavior curriculum
Developmental supervision
Directive control behavior
Directive informational behavior
Collaborative behavior
Non directive behavior





Level 3 (Advanced (

Developmental supervision theory and practice
Observing skills
Research and evaluation skills.
Direct assistance to teachers
Group development
Professional development
Curriculum development
Action research: The school as a center of inquiry
Supervision, change and school Success
Supervision for what? Democracy and the good school.