School Review Team Member

( QAR Team Member TP)
Why this program
- To Join the international teams that give accreditation to schools
- To participate in quality assurance school visits
- To work globally
 - To benefit form the whole  Middle East Schools experiences  
What is your graduation criteria?
Write a model full accreditation and/or quality assurance report in Arabic  and/or English within  a certain format.
How can this program help?
 We recommend you to be among QAR team members to more than one accrediting baccalaureates
The most important privilege you can get now!
- Be among the first members that Skylark would like to have. Our targeted team by the end of 2017 is over than 800 member.
- Be a certificated QAR team member and work smart with expertise from all over the world according to many working criteria.
What are the national and international baccalaureates you will work with? ;
  AdvancED, ADIEC, MoE of UAE  and Talal Abu Ghazaleh AROCA and more
Our targeted markets are KSA, UAE,QATAR, BAHRAIN,JORDAN, EGYPT and more.