Extra Curricula (CO-DE)







 About CO-DE (Coding Curriculum for Young Learners)




- 21st  century is the age of student centric class. This concept best exemplifies the need for young coding learners to be armed with suitable modules to become Pioneers of Coding. Accordingly, Skylark Institution developed CO-DE Curriculum in order to teach students Coding Science in a way to guide them to create websites, mobile applications and electronic games at an early age. The targeted group is from 4th up to 10th grade whereas globally, teaching Coding usually start at an older age. CO-DE is defined as an Extra-Curriculum in the field of Programming for young learners on the Global level.


About CO-DE:

Target Group/Trainees:

3rd up to 10th Grade School Students (Coding Pioneers)


To change young learners’ beliefs from being typical consumers of

technology into creative producers of it.


To deal with technology as a tool that help students achieve excellence in all fields of life.


To support school curricula in the field of Coding Science in all walks of life.


Personal Skills Development:

•   Learn in accordance with international standards that are developed meticulously to match Coding Pioneers’ mental, psychological and behavioral capabilities.

•  Master entrepreneurship and develop skills that enable Coding Pioneers to control their future projects professionally.

•   Instill noble concepts and values that serve the international communities.

•   Develop creativity and innovation, and discover the talents of young coding learners since their childhood, and adopt their products to help them reach high standards

•  Enhance the characters of Coding pioneers

•   Develop several personal individual and social moral skills, including:

-  The development of logical thinking and problem solving.

-  Creativity

-  Cooperation and teamwork

-  Communication

-  Persistence

-  Leadership


Technical Skills:

•  Form the base of an international competition among young Coding Pioneers.

•  Interact with the latest programming languages at an early stage.

•   Minimize the difference in tech-entrepreneurship between less fortunate young learners with fortunate counterparts.

•   Transition of Coding Pioneers from being consumers into producers of technology.

•  The ability of analyzing technical problems and solving them.

•   Enhance the awareness of the best channels of using nowadays technology through minimizing negative effects.

•   To be able to establish programs, projects and applications based on personal goals.

•  Integrate technology with different scientific and literary fields.

•   introducing new concepts of programming in form of games, activities, stories and projects, till Coding Pioneers become competent to use professional programming languages. This is done through the application of the following:

-   Development of ideas and ongoing construction of knowledge.

-  Algorithms

-  Abstraction

-  The use of computer tools

•  Learn the basics of coding and programming in logical sequence.

•   Encourage creative projects that serve individuals and society, provide funds and needed efforts, and form the foundation of competition on the Global level.

Important Tips:

-Skylark has internationally accredited, very capable, and experienced trainers in the field of programming.

- CO-DE integrates people with special needs into international community of programming.

- CO-DE simulates all levels of future pioneers.

- CO-DE curriculum is available in English Language.

- CO-DE balances between IQ and EQ-based thinking.

 CO-DE Stages:

 -  Start-up stage (Starters).

-  Challenge stage (Challengers)

-  Empowerment stage (Self steamers).

-  Change stage (Programmers).