In 2011 Skylark offered a unique spectrum of educational services and academic training for students, teachers and educational institutions. Skylark's goal was to provide a unique, quality educational services for every level, a skylark is confident in its selection for fine teachers possessing outstanding and credentials and experiences while at the same time, using well reviewed modern teaching aids and materials operating within a clean, efficient and technologically advanced learning centre.

Aside from leadership, Skylark offers the necessary tools for learning which is mandatory for future succeeding generations of leaders. Skylark is not only providing leadership worldwide, but also its leadership extends to its local community and surrounding region. Likewise, it promotes the educational tools for its students and educators. Skylark is paving the way for community success through outreach programs to local schools and businesses, teacher certification programs, and public access courses such as parenting skills, emotional intelligence and leadership development.

It focuses on becoming the leading educational centre in Jordan and its surrounding Region. Located close to Swefieh Avenue Mall and Baraka Mall in West Amman, Skylark's professional training offices are easily accessible from Princess Alia Street. 


Skylark is committed to providing its clients With the highest quality educational experiences. Whether they are in our classrooms and Offices, training off-site, or consulting the Net.

Our Vision

To be your first choice in a competitive world that is focused on performance, knowledge and skills for being the way to both self-improvement and economic success.

Our Mission

Skylark strives for the success of private academic institutions in Jordan and the region, and establishment of excellence in education and management through professional teacher and student training in various learning systems.

Why Choose Skylark?

  • We offer highly-trained, professional instructors for all of our courses.
  • We use native speakers for our language training courses.
  • We offer flexible course schedules
  • We value your time, and utilize it efficiently
  • We offer one-on-one or group training at a variety of affordable rates
  • If desired, we offer exclusive, customized courses for our students
  • Our ultimate aim is not only the mastery of the class materials, but developing confident capable students


Services for Educational Institutions

Skylark helps educational institutions develop their employees' skills with conferences, workshops, seminars, and events. As well as training in the Montessori style (K-3), Training of trainers (ToT), and other programs

Teachers Services

Skylark Jordan gives teacher training programs to help teachers obtain accreditation through the Jordanian Ministry of Education (fully accredited), and to also  improve both their ability to communicate and increase their earning potential

Corporate and Entrepreneurial Client Services

Communicating your ideas clearly and effectively in English is essential in today's global economy. Whether for the executive or employee, an investment in education can help your company broaden its reach. Skylark hosts a wide array of programs which offer professionals high-quality instruction

Students Services

Skylark not only offers teacher and corporate training, but also educational courses for students of all ages at our modern learning center in Swefieh. Among other student amenities, Skylark provides with new, comfortable conference and classrooms with Smart Boards and a computer lab


Teachers and Educational Institutions Programs

Programs for Students

Programs for Parents

First Forum for Certified Innovative Programs

We are pleased to announce the title, venue and date of the First Forum under the general theme: "Certified Innovative Programs". The Forum aims to offer four days for professional development through presentations, workshops and poster presentations on innovative and scholastic foreign programs. The Forum will be held at a 5* Hotel, in Amman, from March 19-23/2015. We have an excellent line-up of plenary speakers ready to challenge you with innovative ideas.

19th of March is a special day for Scholastic International Programs under the title: Certified International Teaching Programs "CITP" at Lagoon Hotel and Resort, Dead Sea. www.deadsealagoon.com We invite you to share this information with colleagues, so please feel free to forward this message or print this page and the accompanying application form and post them in your office or staff room or send them to friends. On behalf of the Forum Organizing Committee, we thank you very much for your interest and look forward to welcoming you at this event.

Workshop Topics

March 19, 2015

Please note that these are only one day courses.

For more information please choose the workshop below.

March 21st-23rd

Please note that on these days you can only register in one workshop.

For more information please choose on of the workshops below.

International Accreditation

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